Copryright 2018/2019
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Copryright 2018/2019
1986 SE  & 1986  Fiero GT
The stable is extensive:  The list is as follows:

2 1986 GT's 4 speed 1 red 1 black. 
1 1986 black GT auto. 
3 1984 SE 4 speeds. all black. 
1 1985 4 cylinder auto, white. 
1 1986 4 cylinder 5 speed. 

One of the 84 4 speeds I'm installing a 3400 engine with a 5 speed Getrag.

The bare chassis pic is the car I'm building now. I started with a 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 with low mileage. It has a 3.8 V6 & I used the rack & pinion & front spindles of a Fiero but made my own A arms & new coil overs from the states. I used a Fiero shifter for the automatic but had to make a bell crank linkage to reverse the throw & lengthen it as well. I also used a Fiero brake master cylinder & brake and gas pedals & obviously the seats.

The engine on the cradle is a 3400 I took out of a 2002 Chev Venture van. I had to make a motor mount & modify the trans mounts to fit a 5 speed Getrag that I bought from Kijiji. I also had to redesign the serpentine belt system on the motor to get rid of the power steering pump, make an idler pulley & a bracket for the tensioner pulley. I also had to make a bracket to relocate the alternator.......twice. The first time I put it behind the engine down low but after it was done I realized if I hit a big bump, the axle would hit it. Now it sits low in front of the engine......where the AC compressor would normally sit. The black 84 SE in the barn with the back end way up in the air is where it is going. I also have 2 86 GT's with rebuilt 2.8's.........one red & one black