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Blu started life with me buried deep in a snow bank in Cambridge.   I knew right away that neglect had taken its toll and after a great life as a rare breed, it was time someone cared enough to bring him back to the fold. Shovels were brought to bear as were chains, air pumps, and even a toboggan just to get onto a flat bed en-route to his new digs in Mississauga.   Once lifted, I could see that a simple buff and fluff just wasn't going to be enough so a new (for Blu) frame was brought in and a complete frame-off restoration began over the course of a year. That was over 12 years ago and since that time he's been enjoying runs to the cottage, road trips, car shows, and a stint being enjoyed by my daughter out of town. It's time though for another chapter for Blu, so he'll soon find himself in the garage once again. Whether he'll get a 3800sc or refresh the 2.8 mill, we're not sure, but being enjoyed during the fairer months is certain.
Copryright 2018/2019
1988 Fiero GT
More Pics coming soon...