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Used Parts for sale.  If the part are still on this web site, that means they are still for sale, they are removed once sold.  This is not a business, so please be patient with someone getting back with you.  If you find any errors in the listing, please use the contact tab in the top right to have it corrected.  We will do our best to keep these pages up to date.   Thanks for you help.


Shipping to you ?

Yes, as long as you take care of the shipping.  All shipping will be done from Ontario Canada.  Taking stuff to the U.S. to ship has become major pain in the butt thanks to U.S. Customs who require you to get a broker.

Do prices include shipping ?

No, they do not.  Give me your postal code or zip code and we can work out a price for you.

Will you give a shipping quote?

Most definitely.  

Do you require insurance and tracking numbers?

Tracking numbers are mandatory and insurance is highly recommended. If you choose without insurance and it gets damaged or lost, that is your loss.  let's be fair and put insurance on the shipping.

Do you accept personal checks/ cheques?


Paypal accepted?

In most cases, Yes. Please add 2.5% to the total as that is what Paypal charges.  There are ways around this 2.5%, contact me to discuss.

Can I contact you and speak with you on the phone?

Sure, why not.  Contact us first by using the contact button on the top right, send your information and someone will reply to your e-mail with a phone number for you to call.  Or, if you prefer, provide your number 
and someone will call you.  Up to you.

The "NEW" symbol 

Any new parts listed on the web site will have the "NEW" symbol listed beside them for two weeks.  This will help identify any new listing that been added to the web site.

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